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A Living Memorial & Tribute

The Marines’ Memorial Club was created as the first “Living Memorial” in the United States and serves as a fascinating San Francisco military museum. The entire building is a tribute to the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The halls of the Marines’ Memorial Club are lined with historical and emotional remnants of the past – photos, medals, and interactive exhibits – on display for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In addition, Veterans who visit the Club, whether attending formal military reunions or merely enjoying happy hour, strengthen the Living Memorial every time they share their stories.

When members and guests enter the hotel, considered one of the best San Francisco museums for military artifacts, they walk through a wrought iron gate into an arcade surrounded by memorabilia dating all the way back to 1775. The centerpiece of the lobby is the ship’s bell from the USS San Francisco, which supported the Marines, Sailors and Airmen in the Pacific Theatre in World War II, most notably in the Battle for Guadalcanal in November 1942 and Pearl Harbor.

Located on the eleventh floor, the General E. O. Ames Library and Museum is open seven days a week and contains a wealth of paintings, sculptures, memorabilia and book collections. The Museum and Library is a great resource for historical military research. Many of the books on the shelves were penned by some of our members and members and friends of the Association continue to donate collections of artifacts reflecting both historic events and recent military campaigns. A team of wonderful volunteers assists us to maintain the Living Memorial and the Library and Museum.

Members and guests enjoy the wealth of books and periodicals, which are available for all to use, as well as brochures and magazines from many of the reciprocal clubs. The library and museum affords visitors a quiet and special place to reflect on United States military history and current events. Come experience one of the most treasured military museums in San Francisco today.