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The Marines’ Memorial Association’s 1946 charter established the Marines’ Memorial Club as the first “Living Memorial” in the United States, dedicated as a “tribute to those who have gone before; and to provide a service to those who carry on.” The intention was to provide a facility that would: honor the memory and commemorate the valor of the members of the United States Armed Forces who were killed, lost, or died in military service for their Country; provide spaces for forums, for educational lectures and meetings; and include a museum and library for records, literature, historical objects, and military books.

Since the establishment of this Living Memorial, the Marines’ Memorial Club has been a place for Veterans to come together, to remember fallen comrades and loved ones, and to reminisce in a place consecrated for just that purpose. Read on to learn about military club membership with us.

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Elements of the Living Memorial:

Lobby Displays

The display cases in the Lobby of the Marines’ Memorial Club exhibit authentic artifacts and background information on the Marine Corps’ history as well as individuals who have contributed to the Corps’ heritage. Because history never stops being written, the lobby displays are updated periodically to reflect recent United States military involvements and the patriotic deeds of our service men and women.

Commandant’s Corridor

The Marines’ Memorial Club’s third floor features photos and biographies of the Marine Corps Commandants and Sergeants Major. In addition, the Commandant’s Corridor includes candid pictures of the Commandant’s home in Washington, D.C., the “President’s Own” Marine Corps Band, and the silent Drill Team at Eighth and I Streets in Washington, D.C.

Hall of Honor

Found on the fourth floor of the Marines’ Memorial Club, the “Hall of Honor” contains a variety of photographs and citations of Marines and sailors who have been awarded the Medal of Honor and Navy Cross.

Fifth Floor Memorial Hall

The “Memorial Hall” displays wooden plaques that MMA members and visitors have provided to honor or hold in memory their departed loved ones who either served in the military or were a part of military life.

Tribute Memorial Wall

Found on the tenth floor’s mezzanine, the Tribute Memorial Wall honors the men and women of the US Armed Forces who have given their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11. Each black marble brick contains the name of one fallen warrior.

General E.O. Ames Library and Museum

The General Ames Library is found on the Club’s eleventh floor. The library not only contains over 4,500 military oriented books, but it also features artifacts and displays that are reflections of our military past and present. This space is great for Members and visitors to sit and read, and it also holds meetings, cocktail hours, receptions, and the Marines’ Memorial Association’s “Library Author Forums.”

Flying Leatherneck Lounge

A part of the twelfth floor’s Leatherneck Steakhouse, the “Flying Leatherneck Lounge” holds displays and artifacts that focus on Marine aviation.

The Living Memorial Project:

The Marines’ Memorial Association’s Living Memorial Project is maintained and updated by a team of loyal volunteers, led by GySgt Wendy Shuman, USMC (Ret.). Many of the artifacts are donated by Members and others interested in military history. If you are interested in donating an item or volunteering for this worth-while project, please contact Wendy Shuman, Living Memorial Project Manager, at [email protected].

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